The services of a Long Island tutor are often needed to supplement a students time in class. Tutoring is an excellent way for a student to personalize concepts taught in class for better understanding. A skilled tutor can make a big difference in how fast you grasp concepts and understand them. Here are what skills should you should look for in a tutor.

What Skills Should You Look for in a Tutor?

  1. Patience- Tutors have to go over different topics, sometimes repeatedly, until the student understands the concepts. The tutor must remain calm and respectful at all times, especially when dealing with a problematic student. An impatient tutor will have a hard time taking their time teaching the student.
  2. Adaptability– All students are unique in their learning. A tutor must find different ways to imprint knowledge on the student. Tutoring sessions may also occur in diverse environments and times, so it is crucial to adapt appropriately to each scenario.
  3. Have excellent communication skills- Good communication skills are a blanket quality that comes in handy when tutoring. Effective communication ensures that the message is conveyed on time and uses the right words. Excellent verbal and written communication skills also play a crucial role in aiding the students learning process.
  4. Observation skills– A good tutor has to be alert to the student’s different non-verbal cues. This skill will aid the tutor in understanding the student’s needs.
  5. Good listener- A tutor must display good listening skills when dealing with the student. Attentively listening to the student helps in better understanding their needs.
  6. Confidentiality- A good tutor should keep any personal information to themselves. Personal information such as medical conditions, test scores, and handicaps should remain strictly confidential.
  7. Enthusiastic and empathetic- Tutors need to show enthusiasm for learning to motivate students to adopt the same approach. They should also empathize with the student when they get stressed, overwhelmed, or don’t understand a subject.